Curtain Store, Shop in Mumbai

Curtain has been transformed in recent years & it's available in a wide range of stylish headings & hanging systems. Please check different pattern below :-

1. Eyelet Curtain

Eyelet curtain is currently the most preffered choice by the customer due to its sophisticated design, patterns, flexibility it gives than other pattern. Some of its design are below :-


2. Pleated Curtain

Currently, it is the second preferred pattern for curtain, it was most preffered before introduction of Eyelet Curtain.

Pleated curtain in mumbai


3. Tab Top / Loop Curtain


4. Threaded Curtain


Why from us:

  • We also keep different laces which can be added to the curtain thus giving the curtain a sophishticated & unique look.
  • Make customize curtain as per requirement.


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